We're proud of what we have done so far. More to come!


We are Co-funding a Pilot Teletherapy Program at Westchester Medical Center

For three years starting in 2019, we are funding a pilot teletherapy program in conjunction with the Cochlear Implant Center of the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla NY.  We expect to reach those children with cochlear implants who,  because of economics or geography, are unable to visit the needed therapists at their offices. This is not about "convenience" but rather about obtaining therapy this way or not at all.  Think about a two parent working family, for example, or a child who lives far from the therapist.  This innovative program brings the therapist to the child by way of computer tablets and telecommunication software.  It has been successful elsewhere and we are sure that under the guidance and supervision of Katrina Stidham, MD, at WMC, it will successful in this region.

Providing Ling Boxes

The Ling Six Sound Test was created by Dr. Daniel Ling (a foremost authority on the teaching of speech to children who are profoundly deaf) as a quick method to ensure that a child’s hearing technology (such as a cochlear implant) is functioning properly. It’s a low tech but effective way to know if a child is currently able to hear the spectrum of sounds (pitch and loudness) in the English language, which is critical for language and academic learning. It is an essential adjunct to the teletherapy program we support.

We Support Assistance for Late Identified Children at the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech

Clarke School for Hearing and Speech is a well known school in NYC for teaching children who are hearing impaired, including those profoundly deaf with cochlear implants.  Consistent with our Mission, we now support a program to provide extra care to "late identified" (meaning post age 3) deaf children having or needing cochlear implantation.  Identifying and acting late presents a serious neurological challenge so these children need extra attention to catch up to their peers.  Through Clarke, we also supply caregivers with information and and guidance to help the child at home. Home based support is critical - from reading, playing and speaking.  And if some extra equipment is needed, it will be on hand at the School. It all leads to the child's success in the mainstream.  For more about the school, see  http://www.clarkeschools.org

Our "Care for the Caregiver" Program is Underway at Mt Sinai NY Eye and Ear Infirmary

Post implantation, while direct and professional speech and hearing therapy with the child is obviously essential, experience shows that support of the caregiver (the parent and her siblings) through adult peer interaction and professional support improves the life of the child. In short, we supplement professional therapy by helping the caregiver understand the challenges faced to create and enhance home support to improve the success rate of the deaf child in the mainstream. We recognize the impact of a child’s hearing loss on the whole family system – PIH seeks to address that impact through this exciting new initiative at NYEE.  And today, because of the pandemic and the need to social distance, tele communication is more important that ever.  This program is consistent with that reality and will continue safe interaction among caregivers.