we have a committed board of directors and a supporting advisory committee

Michael G. Tannenbaum


Michael is a co-founder of Partners in Hearing Inc and serves as its President and member of the Board.  His granddaughter, born profoundly deaf,  benefits greatly from bilateral cochlear implants since age 18 months.  She is progressing wonderfully in large part due to excellent medical care, support of her devoted therapist team and family, a level of support that we want for other kids. In addition, Michael served with distinction as a member of the Global Board of Directors of Hedge Funds Cares, Help for Children Foundation (dedicated to the prevention of child abuse).  He is a senior partner of a New York City law firm where he co-heads the Investment Management Law team.  

Dana L. Savitsky


Dana is a member of our Board and our Vice President.  She brings real life experience to Partners in Hearing as the Mom of two wonderful girls, one of whom benefits from bilateral cochlear implants since age 18 months. Her firsthand experience and complete understanding of the needs of  children who are hearing impaired provides our Board with insight into what it needs to do to fulfill our Mission of helping other children post cochlear implantation.  Dana has a career in marketing, public relations and communications having worked with a number of high end fashion firms.

Eileen Solla-Diaz


Eileen is a co-founder of PIH and Vice President-Secretary of the Board.  Eileen is the Mom of two boys.  Her oldest son, MJ, is currently 14 years old and has profound bilateral deafness.  MJ was implanted with this first cochlear implant at 18 months old and the 2nd implant at 3.5yrs old.  MJ has been mainstreamed since Kindergarten and is currently an honor roll student in Middle School.  He speaks very clearly, hears well with the assistance of a FM System in school and is very athletic. Eileen is also a Managing Director at TD Securities. Eileen has been heavily involved in AG Bell, Deafness Research Foundation and Hearing Loss Association of America since her son was diagnosed and has been active in hearing oriented causes for some time.  Her input is invaluable.

David Lawrence MD FACS


David is an otolaryngology physician specializing in ear, nose, and throat matters, now retired. He is board-certified and is a member of the State and County Medical Societies.  During his career of close to 50 years he was associated with Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY United Hospital, Sound Shore Hospital and Greenwich Hospital.  David has been named one of the Best Doctors in the New York area for four years. His addition and support of PIH brings a physician’s point of view regarding the issues facing the kids we care about.  We are grateful for his participation on our Board.

Christine "Chrissy" Morris MAT, LSLS Cert. AVT


Chrissy joins our Board with a wealth of experience having worked with children who are deaf and hard of hearing for over 12 years.  She has worked in all types of settings: leading a classroom, collaborating with teachers for in-classroom support, 1:1 support for children in schools and in their homes, as well as parent coaching. She's worked with children across the hearing spectrum who use a variety of communication methods from sign language to listening and spoken language. She's also worked with children of all age levels, from 6 months old to high school seniors. She has a Masters Degree in Deaf Education and is a certified Auditory Verbal Therapist.  She is passionate about working with children from diverse and multilingual households, which is a cornerstone of our Mission.

Our Advisory Committee


Tara Gallagher is the founder and CEO of Listening Partners, Inc., located in Purchase NY.  It is an approved NY State Early Intervention Agency, providing teacher of the deaf and services relating to speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, play group, pediatric audiology and assistive technology.  Her active professional  insight and advice about PIH's Mission is compelling and extremely helpful.

Marnie Levy is the Director of Communications and Community Events at Breezemont Day Camp in Westchester and has experience dealing with children of all ages.  Marnie is able to identify those that might need our assistance.  In addition, Marnie is a certified NY State teacher and has a Masters of Education degree from Hofstra University. All of these skills will prove invaluable as PIH grows.