what's our action plan?

On the revenue side, our fundraising is primarily through word of mouth (initially from friends and family and informal gatherings.)  In the future, as our accomplishments grow, we hope to also contact large charities and apply for grants.

As for distribution, the money we raise will be donated through grant making or donor agreements to other foundations.  We are also able to  provide direct aid to address the needs of affected children, by way of stipends or to impacted children and families.   

Our Mission is to focus on the children post implant. The surgical part  of the cochlear implant process is a medical matter and outside the scope of our activities. We begin our activities after the the child has been implanted. That is when we see the most care being needed and when the  child literally needs to be taught how to hear, what to hear, how to process the sounds, how to speak and how to interact with peers all of  which enables the child to function seamlessly in the “mainstream.”  There are numerous studies that support this result.